About Us


Political Inroads.
Informed Strategy.
Superior Service.

Fontas Advisors is a boutique government affairs consultancy serving the next-generation needs of corporations, nonprofits, and trade associations operating in, and partnering with, New York City & State and New Jersey. We leverage our robust network, strong knowledge of city and state administrations, and decades of combined experience representing innovative leaders to drive results for our clients.

With Fontas Advisors there is always a path forward.


We are living in a unique time. Companies and organizations have never had to navigate a public affairs ecosystem as complex and ever-changing as today’s. An increased focus on social equity, constant technological disruption, and the democratization of advocacy – where everyone’s voice can be heard with a single click – are some of the powerful forces shaping our rapidly evolving public affairs landscape.

Today’s leaders must thoughtfully prioritize their relationships with critical stakeholders in order to be perceived as value-added partners of choice. This includes government officials, regulatory bodies, public interest groups, and, most importantly, the communities in which they operate.

Fontas Advisors is a steady and strategic co-pilot, helping our clients tackle both near-term opportunities and challenges, as well as longer-term imperatives. Our approach prioritizes innovation, collaboration, community relations, and best-in-class execution. With a carefully selected client base, our senior team is always hands-on and committed to the highest ethical standards.


Our Government Relations Capabilities

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  • Legislative & Regulatory Advocacy
  • Political Strategy & Relationship Management
  • Strategic Intelligence & Planning
  • Public Sector Fundraising for Nonprofits
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Community Relations

  • Coalition Building & Activation
  • Issues-based Public Affairs Campaigns
  • Labor Relations
  • Crisis Management

Real Estate Services

  • Real Estate, Land Use, and Landmarks Advisory
  • Permit and Zoning Approvals
  • Affordable Housing Development
  • Construction Site Neighbor Relations

Business Development

  • New York City & State Market Entrance
  • Economic Development Solutions
  • RFP Strategy
  • Public Private Partnerships